First Interview


Interviewing Ernie Westfield was interesting. I had a lot of fun.He explained his stories very well, so it was easy to understand and get interested in. I was excited to hear more of it. I think we have it easier now than he had it. In my experience there isn't as much racism as he lived with. He told stories about playing baseball in the Negro Leauges and not being allowed to play with whites. I play basketball and baseball on the park district teams and play along side blacks and whites or any races that want to join.
   Mr. Westfield had a good sense of humor. He used the stuff that he went through to tell interesting stories that got me thinking. He made me think about playing baseball again and trying different sports. He encouraged me to find my talent and really go for it! He didn't just talk about baseball, he also shared his poetry and talked about his kids and how he started a family here. From this experience I really learned that he wants people to respect each other because the person you're mean to now, you might end up needing one day.


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