Year Seven - April 13, 2010

My Interview.

David Counter

I interviewed Ms.Pickens the other day. She has owned two buisnesses specializing in soulfood and Ms.Pickens loves cooking Fried Chicken. I had a lot of fun talking to her and learning about what it takes to run and own a buisness. I tryed setting up another interview but I didn't have a lot of luck. The person who I tryed pre-Interviewing was on the road so I wasn't able to call him and speak with him. I realllllllly don't like talking to people on the phone, especilly strangers. At first it was a fear of them yelling at me, but now it's because I tried to set up and interview with this guy and he said he wasn't able to leave the house, which I immidetlly assumed he was on house aresst. I'm having a lot of fun and I'm learning a whole lot about buisness and I'm having a great time. 😊

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