Bah Humbug: High Gas Prices Greet Holiday Motorists

A motorist puts fuel in his car.

A motorist puts fuel in his car's gas tank at a service station in Springfield, Ill.

Seth Perlman/AP

If you’re hitting the road for holiday travel, be ready to pay more at the gas pump. 

Patrick DeHaan with the gas price monitoring group, says refinery problems at facilities in Joliet and Robinson are driving prices up. "Those two issues have contributed to a big jump, a $0.30 jump in the price of wholesale gas in just the last week," he explained.

DeHaan added that it could be well into the first quarter of 2018 when the two refineries are fully repaired, so high gas prices could be here for awhile.

If you’re heading to Chicago, Indiana and Wisconsin for the holidays, expect to pay more. But DeHaan advised that if you’re traveling out of Illinois to the south and west, you’ll pay less for gas.

Story source: WILL