Champaign School District, Teachers, Request Federal Mediator


The Champaign Unit 4 School District and the union that represents teachers have requested a federal mediator as the two sides negotiate a new contract.

The previous contract expired June 30.

A press release Tuesday morning noted the request, stating, "State law provides that if the parties have not agreed on a new contract 45 days prior to the start of the upcoming school year, mediation can be initiated.  The Board believes that using a mediator can support the process.”

“These negotiations are still ongoing and we are confident we will reach an agreement,” according to the release.

Champaign Federation of Teachers President Cathy Mannen wouldn't discuss specific sticking points in negotiations, but said the mediator is important to have a mutual third party to help facilitate the conversation. 

"I would say that there's been a lot conservation back and forth about some issues that are really important to teachers right now," she said.  "It's a matter of coming to a place that is acceptable to both sides."

The Unit 4 school year begins next week.

Story source: WILL