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Gasoline Prices Could Rise In August: GasBuddy


With the arrival of August, Illinois gasoline prices could be on their way up, according to the price-tracking site

GasBuddy analyst Gregg Laskoski says U-S fuel production levels typically fall in August, as refineries start to prepare for the switch from summer fuel blends to winter ones.

Lqskoski says any increase would follow a July in which gas prices around Illinois were fairly moderate.

“We’re about 24 cents below where we were a month ago and a year ago. That’s a good sign”, said Loskoski. “Can we start to see these prices edge up a little bit higher? I think there’s a possibility, particularly if the refineries start producing a little bit less than what we saw in July.”

In Champaign/Urbana, the average price of a gallon of Regular has gone up 13.6 cents in the past week … while the average price nationwide went down 1.5 cents.  

At around $3.52 per gallon of Regular, the average Champaign-Urbana gas price was about three cents above the nationwide average  of $3.49, as of Monday morning.

Meanwhile, prices in the Danville, Decatur and Charleston areas are a little below the national average. GasBuddy reports the lowest Danville gasoline prices ranged from $3.38 to $3.29 Monday morning. The lowest Decatur gas prices ranged from $3.41 to $3.49. And In Charleston/Mattoon , the lowest prices ranges from $3.38 to $3.43.