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Humor Served Two Friends Well After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Heather Tucker and Jen Shelby

Humor helped Heather Tucker and Jen Shelby get through Heather's diagnosis with cancer, and the treatment that followed. Courtesy: Heather Tucker

For two long-time friends from central Illinois, a breast cancer diagnosis in May, 2014 gave them the opportunity to take on new roles within their relationship. 

First came the devastating news. Then surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation. 

What didn’t change was the friends’ sense of humor. 

Cancer challenged Heather Tucker and Jen Shelby to apply their humor in new ways, including the bungled way in which Tucker found out.

Shelby says the two have grown closer through the experience. 

"I know it would have been a lot more difficult had you not been there." Tucker says in their interview. 

Shelby replies, "I'm glad I was there."