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Mitchell Launches Petition To Keep Clinton Nuclear Plant Open

Politicians at a news conference in Clinton, IL

From left to right, DeWitt County Board Chairman David Newberg, DeWitt County Board Vice-Chair Camille Redman, Clinton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Marian Brisard, State Rep. Bill Mitchell, Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters, announce petition to ensure continued operation of the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant, at the DeWitt County Board Room, Clinton, IL, on February 12th, 2015. Jim Meadows/WILL

A state representative from central Illinois is launching a petition drive to keep the Clinton nuclear power plant open.

Exelon, the company that owns the power station, has said in the past that Clinton faces growing economic pressures.

Republican representative Bill Mitchell, of Forsyth, held a news conference in Clinton today.  He says keeping the plant open will protect jobs and affordable energy.

"I’m interested in keeping the plant open," he said. I’m interested in seeing that state of Illinois residents have low-cost electric costs, and I think nuclear plays a part in that. Because you got to remember that the Clinton power station supplies power to about one million Illinois citizens. One million. So it’s important."

Mitchell plans to meet with Exelon officials next week to discuss options to keep the plant operating. A spokesperson with Exelon says the company is looking for a market-based solution, but couldn't elaborate.

Mitchell says he'll present the petition to the governor and legislators.