Officers Cleared in Shooting; Injured Man Facing Charges


A man who was shot by Champaign police after allegedly threatening the daughter of a girlfriend is facing multiple criminal counts. 

Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Reitz said 25-year-old Anthony Brown of Champaign now faces counts of home invasion and being an armed habitual criminal, but authorities say the warrant will not be issued until Brown recovers from his injuries at Carle Foundation Hospital. He is listed in critical condition. Reitz said the actions of two officers were justified in shooting Brown.

Authorities allege that after 4 a.m. Sunday, Brown was intoxicated and holding a gun when he entered a residence at 1207 Crispus Drive in Champaign. Investigations say the occupant of the home belongs to a woman which he has been involved in a relationship with Brown.

Brown threatened the mother, saying he would shoot her in the head, and he pointed the revolver at one of the daughters, pulling the trigger repeatedly, but the weapon did not fire.

Brown eventually left, and the victims locked the doors and windows, and locked themselves in a bedroom, calling 911. While the victim was still on the phone with 911, Brown returned and entered the home, prying open the bedroom door with a butter knife.

Champaign Police arrived at that time, and announced their presence, gaining entry through the front door. Brown went in the hallway, where officers saw he had the revolver in his hand. The officers identified themselves, and Brown raised the gun and pointed it at them. 

Champaign Police Officers Jon Lieb and Christopher Oberheim fired their weapons, hitting Brown multiple times. Officers have recovered the weapon, which has been sent to the Illinois State Police Crime laboratory for analysis. 

State's Attorney Rietz has been investigating the incident since Sunday morning. 

“We have reviewed the interviews of all the victims in the home, as well as the involved officers, and the 911 tape, and based on our review I am confident this was an appropriate use of force by the officers involved given the circumstances," she said. "At this time, we are concentrating our attention on the pending criminal case against Anthony Brown.” 

After filing the charges, Champaign County Judge Richard Klaus issued a $1 million warrant for Brown. 

Brown's prior criminal record includes 2004 arrests for possession of cannabis and aggravated discharge of a firearm, and a 2005 arrest for mob action.

Story source: WILL