Rising To The Challenge

Episode 3: Stressed to the Nines

Rising to the Challenge: A podcast by the University of Illinois System

In this episode of Rising to the Challenge, we examine COVID stress. First, a visit to the Emergency Room at the University of Illinois Chicago with Dr. Janet Lin. She tells us about the most difficult parts of a doctor’s job in these challenging times and what steps the hospital is taking to alleviate their stress. Next, a conversation with Tara Powell, Associate Professor at the UIUC School of Social Work. Her research into post-disaster mental and behavioral health equates the stress of COVID with the stress of war because of its constant presence. And, you won’t find many teachers who teach an entire course in one day, but we did. Mark Wolters, Teaching Associate Professor at the Gies College of Business at UIUC is indefatigable. Tune in to hear how he did it. And lastly, meet Mariana Delgado, senior at UIC who heard the calling and works not only in the National Guard but full time as an EMT in Chicago while she finishes school.

Rising to the Challenge is produced by the University of Illinois System with production support from Illinois Public Media. (The Illinois Public Media newsroom was not involved with this podcast.)