We Are Monticello

You were all ready for your close ups!


In the wee hours of the morning (well, around 6:00, which is really early for me), Kimberlie, Henry and I packed up and left Urbana for Monticello to film interviews with storytellers for We Are … Monticello.  I was excited leaving the station, not knowing exactly what to expect but was immediately put at ease when we arrived at the high school and met with Art Sievers, who also got up early on a Saturday, to come let us in to set up.

After the warm receptions we’ve had at both community meetings, I was not surprised to find that talking with all you storytellers was really a lovely way to spend a Saturday. Learning more about the history of Monticello, the businesses and all the things that make it such a tight knit and vibrant community was wonderful.

I hope that all of you reading, especially those of you who worked to gather video and came to talk with us on Saturday, are as excited for the finished product as we are.

Kimberlie commented on the way home how incredible it was to hear from Aubrey Brown, a junior at Monticello High School, about the value students place on academics while still finding time to be dedicated athletes, artists and musicians.

We were struck by what a caring community Monticello is; so many people told us about the town’s helpers. We really enjoyed hearing about times when you’ve taken care of your neighbors.

One thing is for sure, in the final version of We Are … Monticello on WILL-TV, you’ll learn some interesting history. And while a few of the stories could make you cry, many more will inspire you. They’re already inspiring us.

I hope to see you all at the screening! You can follow the production process until then by searching #wearemonticello on Twitter

All the best, 
Lindsey Moon

PS - As a former high school band devotee, I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Alison Allender, the high school band director about the rich marching band tradition and want to thank her and the students involved with the competition on Saturday for working around us. And a special shout out goes to Terri Norman at Main Street Pub for bringing us lunch!