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April 26-May 4, 2019: History Train

A “Gingerbread House” in old Savannah.

A “Gingerbread House” in old Savannah.

All aboard WILL’s history-themed private rail journey as we travel east to Washington, D.C. then south to Georgia. Along the way, you will experience and see historic sites and museums in Washington, D.C., Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia.

For more information, call Danda Beard at 217-333-7300, or to make your reservation, call tour coordinator Judy McElfresh at 217 422-5002 or email Judy@TourGroupPlanners.com.Celebrate the golden age of trains on private, restored train cars built between 1946 and 1950. Private cars include a dome car, the Moonlight Dome with 4 deluxe bedrooms, and the Birch Grove with roomettes and standard double bedrooms.

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