The 21st Show

Still Here: Vietnam War Stories from Illinois


Today: A special broadcast of "Still Here: Vietnam War Stories From Illinois," an audio documentary that tells the stories of servicemembers, draft resisters, and war refugees - all living here in Illinois.

These are the stories of your friends and neighbors from Illinois who served in the Vietnam War, opposed it or became refugees because of the war. Their stories and experiences are woven together in this 60-minute program to reveal the harshest realities of war as well as journeys of survival and recovery.

Still Here: Vietnam War Stories from Illinois features the stories of Donald Hyche, Marine helicopter gunner; Constance Edwards, officer in the Army Nurse Corps; Terry Hairrell, Army Infantryman; Jerome Wiese, Army medic; Ut Ha, former resident of Vietnam; Bon Bui, South Vietnamese Marine and POW; and Timothy Kendall, pacifist and draft resister.

Story source: WILL