Cubs vs Cards, Social Media and Sports Journalism, and is Magic Johnson Wrong About Kobe?


In which the name Neville Chamberlain is dropped by our esteemed guest, Will Leitch.  Will drops by to discuss the Cardinals side of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry.  Plus, a lot of social media talk.  Come on aboard!

What caught our eyes this week on social media?  Well, Big Sexy (Bartolo Colon) for one.  Two weeks after hitting this awesome homerun ("enhanced" video below), Colon tells the opposing catcher that he's not going to swing all game.  Good times

A team getting fined for criticizing referees in a press release?  Yep.

As those of us in media know, an open microphone is not something to take lightly.


Magic Johnson recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that Kobe Bryant is the best Los Angeles Lakers player of all time.  As Mike DeCourcy writes, with all due respect Magic, you're wrong.
Is the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry currently at its peak? We discuss it with Will Leitch in this episode.
How has social media affected sports journalism? We talk it over, and here's a neat graphic from the University of Florida.
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