The Science Delusion


Illinois State University English Professor Emeritus Curtis White has spent much of his career writing fiction, but he’s recently released his newest book The Science Delusion, a non-fiction work devoted to investigating the way we think about the intersection between science and religion. This hour on Focus, Jack Brighton talks with White about what the two camps can learn from each other. Can science resolve our questions about the origins of the universe, the basis of morality and the source of creativity? Is it wrong to say science can’t?

This hour on Focus, we also talk about “scientism,” atheism, and religion’s influence on scientific research. Do you have faith in the unseen? Or do you have to see it to believe it? We want to hear from you this hour! Tweet us @Focus580 or find the show on Facebook.

White is also author of the books Memories of My Father Watching TV and Requiem. His book The Middle Mind: Why Americans Don’t Think for Themselves was an international best-seller and his essays have appeared in Harper’s Magazine, Orion, and Playboy.