Champaign Attorney Helps Same-Sex Couples Adopt

June 29, 2015
Ellyn Bullock, an adoption attorney based in Champaign.

Ellyn Bullock says it has historically been easier for same-sex couples to adopt a child together than to legally marry.

(Photo: Ellyn Bullock)

On Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples have the right to marry in all fifty states.  That’s certainly one important aspect of family. 

But what about parenting? 

Before Friday’s ruling, it was easier for same sex couples to adopt in most states than it was for them to marry.  Only two states, Michigan and Mississippi, prohibit same sex couples from jointly petitioning to adopt a child.

Champaign attorney Ellyn Bullock specializes in adoption, and has worked with many same sex couples.

According to Bullock, Illinois was one of the first states to allow same sex couples to adopt.

"It was decided by the courts about fifteen or sixteen years ago," said Bullock.

It was done through some some legal analysis on a standing about who could adopt. 

"It was ruled that one or two people can adopt, and those two people can be married or unmarried, and that's where partners came in because same-sex marriage wasn't legal in Illinois," said Bullock.

Although same-sex spouses faced difficulty crossing into states that did not recognize their marriages as legal, Bullock says that once an adoption was finalized, it would recognized nationwide.

"The law is clear on this, and it is necessary that it is clear - the adoption is final. It's a judgment issued by an Illinois court, and it has the force and effect of law anywhere in the United States."


Story source: WILL