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Police Training Institute Helping Officers Adapt To Concealed Carry


The enactment of Illinois’ concealed carry law means a new curriculum for police on how to deal with armed citizens.

The University of Illinois’ Police Training Institute will be part of that training.

State Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Director Kevin McClain said PTI will add a component to basic courses, and provide interactive training at 16 mobile units around the state for all current officers.

“We’re going to encourage departments and sheriff’s offices to send their officers to these courses that will be available for in-service training throughout the state," he said. "The DVD’s that we anticipate creating will be distributed to agencies so that they may be look at this information in house.  We plan on putting clips with scenario-based training on our website.”"

"The University of Illinois is committed to conducting research into new and innovative aspects of criminal justice that will enhance practices and procedures within the law enforcement profession," said U of I Urbana Chancellor Phyllis Wise, in a press release.

The course will include new safety considerations for traffic stops, how to verify the possession of concealed carry permits, and arrest procedures for those who violate the new law.

McClain said trainers are looking at other states, and moving quickly to provide this course in the next few months.

Illinois has little less than nine months before the new law is on the books.