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Urbana Looking At Opening Medical Marijuana Dispensary


The city of Urbana is looking into the possibility of building a medical marijuana center.

South Bend Indiana-based, Bradley Company is interested in opening a dispensary in Urbana, and it is also looking into opening one in Bloomington.

Urbana city officials are studying where this facility could be located. Community Development Director, Libby Tyler is in charge of making sure the best location is chosen, and she said it is important that the area selected is safe.   

“Our job is to find the locations and the zones where that can all happen,” Tyler said. “Not to say, ‘oh, this shouldn’t happen at all or this should proliferate.’ We’re interested in the good balance and compatibility between land uses, so that’s the approach we’ll be taking.”

Tyler is considering general business areas for a possible dispensary location. Getting the city’s zoning ordinance amended is a likely next step. It could take 45-to-60 days before it would appear before the Urbana City Council.

This week, the Decatur City Council approved a change in zoning rules to cover sites for growing and dispensing medical marijuana.