Old State Capitol
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Live From The Old State Capitol In Springfield

The 21st was live from the Old State Capitol, which was home to our state government during the Civil War and to Abraham Lincoln’s famous “A House Divided” speech. Plus, in today's state politics, the former legislative inspector general says that the process for holding lawmakers accountable is broken. We’ll talk about why. And in 1994 five living presidents gathered for Richard Nixon’s funeral. A Springfield production of the play “Five Presidents" imagines what that meeting was like.

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Gun Violence, Trauma & Grief; The Old State Capitol’s Legacy; Financial Exploitation

On The 21st, we talked about the trauma and grief that families go through after losing a loved one to gun violence with a Danville father whose son was killed in a shooting ten years ago and a Chicago psychiatrist. Plus, we heard about the historical significance of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, where presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke today. We also talked about financial exploitation of the elderly with the director of a law clinic begun to help those very people.

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