UI Faculty Association President Calls Salaita Report “A Game Changer.”


The president of the U of I's Campus Faculty Association said the report by the school’s Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure is a “bombshell and a game changer."

Bruce Rosenstock said the report will force university officials to revisit their decision to not hire controversial professor Steven Salaita.

Rosenstock, the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Religion, said if officials fail to respond appropriately, the university could face censure from the American Association of University Professors, making it difficult to attract any professors to the school.

He also said that his colleagues are praising the report.

“I haven’t been speaking to people, but I've been watching the email grow in my inbox over the last few hours, saying this is an incredible, amazing and courageous report.”

Chancellor Wise issued a statement saying she is reviewing the report with university officials.

Rosenstock talked with Illinois Public Radio's Dusty Rhodes.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio