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Answering Questions from Gardeners Across Mid-America - our panel of experts answer questions about lawn and garden care.

MAG At Home - February 2021

The MAG crew is ready for Spring, and itching to get their hands dirty and get out in their gardens. This month, we'll discuss some tips to help get your gardens ready for planting!

MAG AT HOME - January 2021

It's the start of a new year, and the MAG crew helps you dream of spring and getting out in your gardens!  There ARE some things you can do this time of year to get ready for gardening season, and we'll show you some helpful tips and tricks to get you ready!

MAG AT HOME - December 2020

The MAG crew tells you helps get you ready for the Holiday season, and gives you some helpful tips to winterize your gardens. 

MAG AT HOME - November 2020

With Fall winding down, and winter right around the corner...the MAG crew get you ready with some helpful tips on winding down your gardens and how to prepare for the cold months ahead!

MAG AT HOME - October 2020

This month, the MAG Crew give you some helpful tips to get you ready for Fall! Plus, an unlikely way to ward off plant fungus and find out if there is still time to plant your bulbs, show you some helpful tips to wind down your gardens, and also, we'll tell you about some weeds that are popping up this year that might be harmful to animals!

MAG AT HOME - September 2020

With Summer winding down, the MAG crew give you some helpful tips and information as you look to the end of gardening season.  Join Tinisha Shade Spain and panelists Kelly Allsup and Ella Maxwell for this latest edition of MAG AT HOME!

MAG AT HOME - August 2020

In August, the MAG crew talk about those mysterious seeds people have been getting in the mail from China...and tell you what you should do with them! We'll also talk cabbage, give you some deadheading tips, and we'll even try to figure out the correct pronounciation of "Weigela". Join us for the August editions of MAG AT HOME!

MAG AT HOME - Start of Season 10 (July 2020)

Season 10 of Mid-American Gardener gets underway as the the crew are still sheltering in place, but thanks to Zoom are still able to bring you some great gardening tips and get your questions answered! Check out these episodes from the dog days of July.

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