Tara Hurless speaking into a microphone

Episode 10: Visiting with Tara Hurless and her story “Soccer Mom”

Soccer player and University of Illinois Hall of Famer Tara Hurless faced the struggle of her life when she and her wife decided to start a family. In episode 10 of the She Said Project Podcast, she recounts the story from the stage, play by play, as they worked together to overcome each unexpected obstacle they met along the way.

Episode 9: Visiting with Heidi Cordes and her story “RIP Donna Martin”

When Heidi Cordes was asked to speak in the 2019 production of That's What She Said, she knew she wanted to find a story that made people laugh.  She does just that in "RIP Donna Martin", a hilarious take on a celebrity run-in. 

Jan Seeley speaking on the She Said stage

Episode 8: Visiting with Jan Seeley and her story “Good Grief”

Jan Seeley opened the 2015 That's What She Said show with her story "Good Grief." Our hosts check in with her about how losing her husband Joe continues to affect her life, and what we can all learn from grieving.

Episode 7: Mary Enright and her story “Afternoon Delight”

Kerry and Jenette enjoy a visit with Mary Enright in this episode, recalling her 2016 performance of "Afternoon Delight."  Mary shared how she overcame multiple addictions to lead a fulfilled life in this humorous look at life in recovery.

Ashley Morgan speaking on stage

Episode 6: Visiting with Ashley Morgan and her story “My BACKstory”

In My BACKstory, Ashley Morgan remembers her childhood struggle with Scoliosis and surgery.  It is clear from her performance in the 2016 production of That's What She Said that she never let this diagnosis get in her way to live her life with spirit and cheer! 

Amy Armstrong speaking on a stage with women listening to her in the background

Episode 5: Visiting with Amy Armstrong and her story “Get a Grip”

Amy Armstrong is a recognized leader in her community.  So it was unexpected when she chose to share her struggles of divorce and parenting in her story "Get a Grip" in the 2013 production of That's What She Said.  In this episode we learn why this story was important and how she continues to strive to be what her children need.

Rebecca Guyette speaking on a stage

Episode 4: Visiting with Rebecca Guyette and her story “Why We Should All Have a Mexican Mother”

Rebecca Guyette's story "Why We Should All Have a Mexican Mother" was a tribute to her mother in the 2015 show. We chat with Becca about what has changed since she shared this story... but also what has stayed the same.

Stacey LeBrecque Cole speaking on stage

Episode 3: Visiting with Stacey LaBrecque Cole and her story “Eye of the Tiger”

Stacey LaBrecque Cole shared her story "Eye of the Tiger" onstage in That's What She Said 2016. She shares with the audience her private struggle with domestic violence and how it has shaped her into the woman she is today.

Women standing on stage talking with arm extended

Episode 2: Visting with Gianina Taylor Baker and her story, “Mom, PhD”

Kerry and Jenette visit with Gianina Taylor Baker and her story, titled, “Mom PhD” about the journey she went on deciding whether or not she should be a stay at home mom. Gianina appeared in the 2016 production of That's What She Said. 

Kerry Rossow speaking to an audience using a microphone

Episode 1: Visiting with Kerry Rossow, co-founder of The She Said Project and her story “Naked on Healey Street”

The first episode takes us back to the original show in 2013, when Kerry took a leap of faith and created the very first That’s What She Said. That fateful night, she shared a glimpse into her life and the importance of having close women friends in her story "Naked on Healey Street."

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